Video: LEOs tackle, apprehend Ariz. prison escapees

By Suzie Ziegler

COOLIDGE, Ariz. — Two inmates who escaped from a medium-security prison on Jan. 23 were recaptured Thursday about 10 miles from the facility. Bodycam video from a local police officer who helped arrest the escapees was released by the Coolidge Police Department.

The video shows officers racing across a field toward the two inmates. The pair refuses commands to get on the ground and two officers each deploy a TASER. That’s when deputy U.S. Marshals run in and tackle the inmates.

According to FOX 10, law enforcement arrived after receiving several tips from nearby residents. The inmates were identified as David Harmon and John Charpiot. Harmon was serving a 100-year sentence on kidnapping and second-degree burglary charges since 2012. Charpiot had been serving a 35-year sentence on child molestation and sex abuse charges since 2011, according to FOX 10.

CNN reports the inmates escaped by using a large air conditioning unit as a ram to break into a closet and steal tools.

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