Texas police officers, K9 rescue young girls from carjacker

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SAN MARCOS, Texas — Officers responded to a series of carjackings, including one that occurred at the San Marcos Premium Outlets, which involved two young girls waiting in the car for their parents.

The first crime occurred on Friday, January 22 around 6:15 p.m. at the Econo Lodge Hotel on S. Guadalupe Street, CBS Austin reported.

The suspect, Christian Lee Guzman, 19, forced a woman out of her car and stole the vehicle, according to police.

While officers were investigating the scene, another call came in that Guzman had attempted another carjacking at the San Marcos High School. The woman inside the car tried to run away. Guzman ran after her but took off when he was confronted by other people.

Police say they found Guzman driving the stolen vehicle in the back parking lot near the Tesla charging stations at the San Marcos Premium Outlets. When police tried to chase him, Guzman took off, later attempting to steal another vehicle with two young children in the back waiting for their parents, CBS Austin reported.

However, officers, along with K9 Rex, immediately surrounded the vehicle. Police were able to get the children to safety before Guzman was tased and taken into custody.

The children’s ages was not provided.

Apparently, once the scene was secure, K9 Rex showed off with some tricks and cozied up to ease the fear on the two young girls, according to the report.

Nevertheless, being handcuffed and in the backseat of the patrol unit didn’t dissuade Guzman. He reportedly slipped his cuffs from back to front, ripped out the vehicle’s rear dome light, pulled the filament out from the light bulb and used it to unlock his handcuffs. However, police detected his effort to escape.

Guzman remains in Hays County Jail with charges of Aggravated Robbery, two counts of Robbery, Interference with a 911 Call, Endangering a Child, Evading in a Vehicle, Evading on Foot, Resisting Arrest, Attempted Escape and Criminal Mischief.

Share and speak up for justice, law & order…

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