Open Letter: Dear Ignorance & ‘Defund the Police’ Supporters…

New York — Despite the once-popular demands to “defund the police,” New York City residents are now demanding the exact opposite: they’re demanding more police. After a series of gruesome stabbings and slashings, and with a massive manhunt underway, it seems New Yorkers are terrified to ride the subways, the New York Post reported.

Fortunately, the New York Police Deparment has heard their cries for help, and more than 500 more officers will be deployed according to NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea.

However, it is difficult to ignore how New York is yet another city struggling with violent crime in the wake of the “defund the police” movement. And like a lot of other people who have heard nothing but cries to “defund the police” in the past several months, you could say we’re a bit confused to hear the demands for more police.

So to help us sort out the confusion, we think America needs an explanation of some sort, if not “accountability” for the rising crime as well.

Therefore, we’d like to hear what supporters of the “defund the police” movement have to say. In fact, for the sake of ever-so-popular inclusivity, anyone with virtue-signaling hashtags, memes, and other self-righteous nonsense supporting the “defund the police” movement scattered about their social media accounts is of course welcome to speak up as well.

The Irony & Ignorance of the “Defund the Police” Movement

And just to be clear, we’re not asking. Like you, WE ARE DEMANDING supporters of the “defund the police movement” to speak out.

Please tell us how your plan to defund and decrease policing efforts to fight crime is working. Please give us an update on all that magical progress not a single city in America has yet to see. And please tell the terrified New York City residents, like residents in so many other cities, that they should not be afraid because your movement will keep them safe.

And please allow us to make a few other demands because your ignorance–that is, your decision to ignore the stupidity of emboldening criminal behavior and the alarming rise in violent crime in American cities–has become ignorable, according to your own terms, no less.

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