Ohio police officer charged with murder after killing man holding cell phone

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Columbus, Ohio – Columbus Police Officer Adam Coy was indicted by a Franklin County grand jury on Wednesday following an investigation by the Ohio Attorney General’s office. The charges stem from a December encounter with 47-year-old Andre Hill.

The Associated Press reports Coy was a 19 year veteran with the agency and was fired after the shooting.

He and another officer responded to a call on December 22, 2020, at 1 a.m., about a car in front of a neighbor’s house. The vehicle was reportedly running, turned off, and turned back on.

Police bodycam footage showed Hill emerging from a garage and holding up a cellphone in his left-hand.

He was fatally shot seconds later.

The audio of the camera was not activated as the officer had not activated the body camera prior to the shooting.

Once he activated the camera, it recorded the shooting but the sound is not activated on that feature of the camera.

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