NYPD punishes officer for wearing ‘politically-oriented patch’

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NEW YORK — The NYPD is disciplining an officer who wore a “politically-oriented patch” while on duty — after video surfaced of the individual wearing a “Trump Make Enforcement Great Again 2020” patch this week during a protest in Brooklyn.

The officer was spotted at a Black Lives Matter demonstration Friday night in Ft. Greene, wearing the patch which plays off former President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan. It also featured the skull emblem of Marvel Comics character The Punisher — tweaked to sport a Trump-style coif, New York Post reported.

The unidentified officer wore a second patch, featuring the Punisher skull, also with the former president’s signature ‘do.

“Members of the NYPD must remain apolitical,” Commissioner Dermot Shea tweeted Saturday afternoon.

“It’s essential to public trust & officers’ ability to perform their jobs.”

NYPD said the officer in question has “received an initial discipline” and that an investigation is ongoing.

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