MI6 looking for James Bond-style spies with diversity and disabilities

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The British Secret Intelligence Service, better known as MI6, are looking to recruit part-time James Bond wannabees but there is a unique twist.

The UK’s foreign intelligence service, which is portrayed in the James Bond films, is looking to boost diversity by signing up Brits ‘looking to spice up their otherwise dull life.’

In particular, a series of ads reported in The Daily Star, want to attract more diversity including people with disabilities.

In particular, they are looking for “contacts” in Russia or China.

According to the Daily Mail, the initiative is thought to be the brainchild of the new head of MI6 Richard Moore, known as C for Controller. In the Bond films, the head of the service is known as ‘M’.

The MI6 headquarters on the River Thames

Moore is no stranger to promotion, using Twitter close to 19,000 times since 2013, and often promoting the service to budding recruits.

One of the ads, placed in a magazine, says MI6 is seeking people with ‘diverse skill sets and life experiences for part-time and consulting roles.’

The spy chief, whose wife is blind, is keen for people with disabilities to bring their expertise to the service.

MI6 has also recently eased up on its nationality and age rules.

While applicants themselves still have to be British citizens, even if both parents are migrants people born in the UK can now join MI6.

There is no longer an age limit and 18 year-old’s can now apply to the service.

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