Man accused of murdering mother was previously fired from NYPD

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NEW YORK — A man wanted in connection with the death of his elderly mother was fired from NYPD more than a decade ago, New York Post reported.

Osvaldo Diaz’s mother, Maria, was found dead in her second-floor apartment above a deli on Hillside Avenue in Jamaica Wednesday evening, according to law enforcement authorities.

The woman, 78, had a gash on her head. Sources disclosed to The Post that a machete was found inside her home. She was pronounced dead at the scene, police said.

Osvaldo Diaz, 45, who sources said worked more than 12 years ago as a police officer in Midtown North Precinct, is the main suspect in his mother’s murder.

Diaz’ reportedly had a short-lived career in law enforcement. An NYPD spokeswoman confirmed he was hired in July 2005 and fired in January of 2008.

The reason for termination was not disclosed.

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