LASD motor deputy killed in crash

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LAKEWOOD, Calif. — A Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department motor deputy was killed in a crash in the Lakewood area on Thursday morning, Sheriff Alex Villanueva said.

“Today, I am saddened to announce that an @LASDHQ motor deputy was killed in a traffic collision this morning,” Villanueva said in a brief statement posted to Twitter.

The deadly crash occurred at Del Amo Boulevard and Paramount Boulevard around 9 a.m., according to the sheriff.

It appeared to be an “unfortunate accident,” Villanueva said in a follow-up tweet, KTLA reported.

Sky5 video over the crash site showed the mangled wreck of the motorcycle at the front-end of a silver Mercedes-Benz sedan in the middle of the intersection. Debris was strewn about the roadway.

motor deputy
A motor deputy of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department was killed Thursday. (Screenshot KTLA)

Sections of both streets have been blocked off by patrol cars and other emergency vehicles as investigators tried to determine the cause of the collision, the aerial footage showed.

The sheriff has not confirmed any details surrounding the circumstances of the crash, but one witness told KTLA that it appeared the motor deputy was pursuing a Dodge Charger through the intersection when it collided with the other vehicle.

“It looks like a motorcycle cop was chasing the Charger on Paramount Boulevard traveling northbound and a Mercedes came out of Del Amo and the motorcycle cop hit the Mercedes,” the witness said.

Villanueva is expected to provide more information about the traffic fatality at a news conference.

KTLA News Coverage

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