Kan. PD sees first female majority recruit class in program’s history

By Suzie Ziegler

WICHITA, Kan. — A police department in Kansas is celebrating a milestone for diversity: its first recruit class with more women than men.

According to CBS 19, the Wichita Police Department says 16 of the 29 recruits in its newest class are female, or about 55% of the class. This improves upon last year’s all-time record of 12 female recruits in a class of 34, or about 35%.

The class has so far completed four weeks of the 24 weeks required in the program, according to CBS 19.

Recruit Officer Kameron Evans says she decided to become a police officer after she and her daughters were victims of two separate break-ins.

“I came home to a brick through my back door, glass everywhere,” Evans told CBS 19. “I want to now be a role model and give back.”

“Women are game changers,” said Recruit Officer Michelle Martinez. “There are so many strengths they have to offer.”

WPD says community outreach has helped drive the increase. The agency is hopeful the class will be a domino effect for more women recruits in the future, according to CBS 19.

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