Gunman detonates bombs, shoots inside Minnesota health clinic

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Buffalo, Minnesota – Five people are reported in critical condition after a shooting and explosion at an urgent care clinic in Minnesota.

The Star Tribune reported that a suspected gunman opened fire at the Allina Health Clinic on Crossroads Campus Drive in Wright County late Tuesday morning.

Thirty minutes after the shooting, four homemade bombs then reportedly detonated. It is not yet known whether the explosion occurred inside or outside the clinic.

Our sources also tell us that a bomb threat is currently being investigated at a Super 8 motel, located nearby.

A male suspect has been taken into custody and he has not yet been identified.

Law enforcement responded to the report of shots fired at the clinic at approximately 10:55 a.m.

During the investigation, an improvised explosive device reportedly detonated at the clinic.

While early, the details are similar to a style used by Atlanta Bomber Eric Rudolph that would set explosives off along with secondary devices that were thought to be aimed at responding officers.

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