Cop who shot Breonna Taylor fights to get job back

By Suzie Ziegler

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Former Louisville police detective Myles Cosgrove is fighting to get his job back after he was fired earlier this year for his role in Breonna Taylor’s death.

According to WHAS, Cosgrove is making his case before the Metro Police Merit Board during scheduled hearings in November and December. The hearings will determine if Cosgrove acted reasonably on the night of Taylor’s death.

This photo shows Louisville Police Det. Myles Cosgrove. (Louisville Police via AP)

In Cosgrove’s termination letter, Chief Yvette Gentry said the detective failed to properly identify a target when he fired in Taylor’s apartment, killing her. Cosgrove also failed to activate his body camera before executing the search warrant, according to the report.

Opening statements began Tuesday, with both sides presenting their arguments. Cosgrove’s attorneys agreed that Cosgrove violated protocol by not activating his bodycam. However, that on its own is not a fireable offense, reported WHAS.

Cosgrove’s attorney argued that Cosgrove’s response was appropriate because Cosgrove saw a muzzle flash and a fellow officer down.

Meanwhile, LMPD attorney Brendan Daugherty said Cosgrove never proved he identified a threat before firing his weapon, according to the report.

“Not once did Myles Cosgrove articulate perceiving a threat that would justify his use of deadly force,” Daugherty told WHAS. “Cosgrove didn’t and couldn’t articulate his perception of a specific threat that justified firing one shot into Breonna Taylor’s apartment much less 16.”

However, Cosgrove’s attorneys argued that LMPD’s use-of-force policy doesn’t technically include requirements to isolate a threat, according to the report.

Cosgrove is the second Louisville officer involved in the Taylor case to have a hearing since the termination of detective Joshua Jaynes in January, reported WHAS.

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