California man raises $20,000 after he falsely alleged he was attacked because of his race

The man was not named in a statement by police on Facebook but Gold Country Media identified him as Romey Kang.

Kang called 911 in the early morning hours of January 9th and said he was walking in Folsom’s Historic District when a white man with black hair assaulted him and took one of his credit cards.

ABC 10 reports that officers arrived and found Kang with injuries to his jaw and mouth. While talking with him, officers noticed the man was having trouble remembering what happened and said he had been drinking earlier that night.

A few days later, Kang reported that he had actually been a victim of a racially-motivated assault by several men.

Kang raised over $20,000 on GoFundMe after he alleged that he was attacked.

“I was assaulted and almost died,” Kang posted on social media from his hospital bed.

“2-3 caucasian males in white shirts left me for dead and someone found me a few hours later on a sidewalk in downtown Folsom. I am 99% sure it was a hate attack in these dark times. They didn’t even take my wallet, any credit cars, phone or car. Just me.”

Utilizing surveillance cameras and potential witnesses, police determined that the the man was injured due to a fall.

No assault or racially-motivated attack actually took place, police say.

The man involved was contacted by police, informed and shown the surveillance footage.

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