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Annette Shoemaker-Kohberger
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Before becoming a REALTOR® I was interested in a law enforcement career.  I received my bachelors in Criminal Justice but decided to change directions and help my community officers instead.  By having not only education, but family members in the profession, I understand the uniqueness it brings.  My experience  in finding the right programs to assist in your real estate journey has been proven time and time again.  My goal is to provide a less stressful situation that often comes with moving, regardless if your buying or selling.  My background and experience contribute to helping ease this transition.  People know me best as the “Vegas Property Expert”.  Reason being is I pride myself in knowing the area, committing to my clients’ needs and wants along with being their go-to person.  Many would say there are no strangers in my life only people I haven’t met yet.  It’s important to make every client feel comfortable and have a sense of home.  I put myself in my Buyers and Sellers position and do everything as if it were my own deal.  I have gained a reputation as an outstanding advocate for my clients, from beginning to end, and this is something I am very proud of.  I am truly honored to be able to help during this endeavor.