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Joshua Franklin
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Let the Spirit Move You! We love helping our LEO and Military Families!

Here at Spirit Realty Group, we believe in igniting the spirit of the American Dream: Homeownership. We believe in Relationships, Integrity, Innovation, Wellbeing, and Growth. We believe in investing in relationships by empowering people with enhanced education, and with a consultant approach to representing the community in real estate transactions. I work closely with my wife, Christina, who is also a licensed agent...which means if you use one of us, you get both! It's a buy 1, get 1 free deal; BOGO! We also believe that Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, as well as all different kinds of backgrounds. Whether you are serving your community in the noble profession of Law Enforcement or another First Responder category, or whether you have honorably served or are serving your country in the Armed Forces, you deserve to buy a home...and you deserve that experience to be as painless and easy as possible. That's where we come in! Now a little bit about me: I am driven and motivated to help you achieve your dreams! I have lived in Oklahoma for most of my life...other than leaving for the military for several years. With a background in the U.S. Navy, I am passionate about helping fellow veterans achieve their dreams of homeownership. When I joined the Navy (a long time ago), their motto was "Let Your Journey Begin." A few months later they changed it to "Accelerate Your Life." Let's do both! Call me so we can accelerate your life and let your journey to homeownership begin! (Certified AHWD (At Home with Diversity), MRP (Military Relocation Professional), and C2EX (Commitment to Excellence) through the National Association of Realtors®)