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Patrick Anderson
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Most individuals I work with & meet from day to day would describe me by my energy and insatiable desire to succeed. I was born in a small town of northern Minnesota and I'm thankful to have been pushed by my dad to always work hard and remain humble. My dad enticed me to get a Manny's Paper route at age 12 and that's truly where I learned the definition of hard work; rain or shine I needed to get those papers delivered! Almost 15 years later I've continuously been able to implement and succeed with those same values my family taught me. I've taken their core values of God, Family and Freedom and intertwined them within my real estate business. I'm so incredibly grateful to be given this opportunity to work with all of those who protect and serve. Within this tumultuous time in our country and world; it's more important than ever before that you all understand how much you're cared for and appreciated. Walking down the street I've grown into the habit of always shaking hands and giving thanks to those who patrol our streets or other branches alike [fire, EMT, corrections etc . .] I am so blessed to now be the one in a position to serve YOU and your family. Please know that by working with me, you and your family are well taken care of; not just temporarily, but for life. God Bless and hope to speak soon.