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Mark Thomas
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I grew up in a Military family and spent my youth traveling around the country. The US is really a beautiful place! From that experience I love a change of scenery and I'm not afraid to move! I like change and meeting new people too! I'm not a shy person and find it easy to fit in. I moved 5 times before I was 15! I spent my High School years in Boulder City, Nevada and after a couple of years at UNLV decided that I needed to move to L.A. and give my musical passions some real attention! Not being quite as good as I had hoped I found my place: working, married, and settling down. In that 10 year period I grew tired of the confinement of the city and wanted to be closer to nature and family. That brought me to the Northwest and Portland, OR. I was looking for more than a change of scenery though and found myself single and once again playing in another band. This had me touring the US and finding my true love for real this time! I've always worked in fields that I am specifically interested in.  Its not just work to me.   Employment or owning a business has just been something that I have done, while trying to make a mark on the music scene, but this move just makes sense. During that time I discovered better ways to do things and how to find satisfaction from a job well done. Debbie Dailey and I have been since 2008 and she has shown me so much about her work in Real Estate that it wasn't difficult to talk me into joining her in working together with Realty ONE Group. We compliment each other's working style completely. Isn't it supposed to work that way? In our time together I finished my degree, owned a business, moved twice (I'm slowing down), played hundreds of shows across the country with artists I used to listen too, joined another band in another state as well, and owned 6 pets.  Debbie and I have a strong sense of Patriotism and believe in the concept of law and order.  Having never served in the military or law enforcement myself I feel a calling to support and help those who try to keep our country a great place to live!  Everything we do is as a team. I hope that we can work with you!