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Did you know?
(Sharing what I know now that I didn’t know Before I was a real estate agent)
*Online Lead captures bait you to click on your value of your Home making you think you are getting an instant answer. Instead, it captures your info and then charges an agent to get your contact info to call you.
(We pay cash for land and houses, Instant home value, what’s my home worth, etc.) It’s Irritating and not honest.
✅Answer: Call an agent directly in most cases it’s free to get a market value analysis. (A home value)
*Browsing listings you see a listing your friend/agent has listed you click on contact agent on ANY of the various online home listing websites. But, your friend/agent doesn’t call think well I guess my friend/agent doesn’t care, or they must be too busy to call me. This is WRONG all of those sites do the SAME thing they sell your info to agents who pay for your name and phone number (this is called a lead).
✅ Answer: Call your friend/agent directly
I can assure you 💯 % that you’re friend Agent has absolutely No clue you inquired about their property and will be so thankful you called. (Unless the Agent is paying any of those sites you browse on for leads they will never know you inquired at all)
*You have been working with this great Agent and you’ve looked at a few homes and this beautiful listing comes up. You are so excited to learn more about it that you click the more information link. Gotcha again.. now an agent you may not even know calls more than happy to show it to you.
✅Answer: Call your Agent give them the address and they can give you all the info you seek. This is why realtors pay to have access to the MLS
(Multi listing service)
🏡Here’s a Big One I truly believed myself before I learned differently😉
*You drive by the house you’ve adored and see a for sale sign in the yard. How exciting! The sign in the yard has a number to call. You Do Not Have to call the number on the sign-That is the listing agent and brokerage. I thought then just like a lot of you that I had to call the number on the sign in the yard..wrong! Any trusted agent licensed in that state can show it to you.
✅Answer: Call an Agent you trust to protect your best interests. Call your agent/friend directly.
One more and then I’ll stop
*You search for “top agent in my area” or you see a site promising top agents names in your area.
In most cases, you will again get captured and an agent will have to pay to talk to you. (Most of them charge a percentage of the agents commission) Hint.. Any paying agent not necessarily the top agent you were seeking in the first place. Amof most top agents won’t pay to get leads they rely on their past service for referrals from past clients, or family members of those clients.
✅ You know what I’ll say here-lol
(Like a broken record) Call the agent directly. There are reports available to that agent to find who really is a top agent in any area. The report can be printed and shown as proof.
Closing thoughts:
I believe In working hard and don’t take too kindly of ones having software capture your info and then charge me for your information.
If you got through all of this thank you for hanging in there with me and reading through it all.
I hope it helps you when you make a decision to Buy or Sell.
For those of you who know me as a friend or as your agent (or both)...
✅Call me directly I Care and Always am here to help.
*If you have an agent you already like..Call them directly!
I guarantee you will make their day by eliminating the greedy middle man. 😊❣️