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Help with All Law Enforcement and Veterans Real Estate Related Needs!

US Veterans and Law Enforcement Specialist serving all of the Greater Charlotte Area! As a, once upon a time, Correctional Officer in Upstate NY and with long line of family members both in the DOC (Dad is retired but was the Deputy Superintendent of all the NW Prisons in Upstate Ny, also served 23 years military in the Air Force; Mom is a dental assistant for a prison in Upstate Ny) I LOVE working with Law Enforcement and our Veterans. I Promise to work just as hard for you with your real estate needs as you all have worked protecting us each and every day... and protecting our country! Don Whitaker is a dedicated community member who has been actively involved since 2012 in the Charlotte and surrounding Areas. After spending four years in San Diego, CA and one year in Scottsdale, AZ, he has returned to the Queen City with great enthusiasm to focus on the real estate market once again. Don is driven by his passion for providing exceptional service in the greater Charlotte region and is committed to delivering a Ritz Carlton experience for all your home buying and selling needs. As a valued member of the Nestlewood Realty family, Don upholds the principles of hard work, integrity, and unparalleled client service in every transaction!