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Helping local Police members with there home-buying/selling experience!

Hello Everyone! My name is Ethan Hernandez and was born and raised in the Gresham area all my life.  I attended Sam Barlow Highschool and then decided to take on a field I feel very passionate about, real estate.  I am currently a broker at John L Scott Sandy working with residential home buyers and sellers!  I am follower of Christ and strive to conform my actions to the lord.  I began playing golf during the beginning of COVID and have never looked back.  Would love to play a round or hit the range with any of you! Almost 50% of members with the police department have been enlisted in the military, which I can respect and appreciate so much with my own family's background.  My Grandfather had served with the army in WW2 and 3 years following.  My father had served 1 tour in Vietnam with the coast guard right out of high school.  One of my brothers had spent years with the National guard until being deployed to Afghanistan for 2 tours.  Lastly, my oldest sister was a member of the Marine Corp for many years as a flight mechanic.  I myself was going to begin basic training for the Marine Corp right out of Highschool, but sadly needed to have my 6th surgery on one of my knees and decided that it just wasn't possible. Helping members of the local community is crucial in building a happy and safe environment, which is why I have much appreciation for what members of our police departments continue to do day in and day out.  My true appreciation came from retired East Portland Police Commander David Hendrie.  I had spent my years growing up with his son as one of my good friends, so seeing Dave on a weekly basis was common.  He was a role model for me and as I get older you can see the experiences he had as a police officer had allowed him to appreciate safety and happiness. Contact me with any questions you may have about home purchases and I would be more than happy to help!  Thank you all so much for your service and have a wonderful day.