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“Helping the American dream come true! One square foot at a time” Link of Reviews from past sales. Serving Humboldt buyers, sellers & investors since 2004.  Real estate is someone's biggest financial decisions in there life.  Every sale is not an ASIS to me, since every transaction has it's own unique store.  Even though real estate is like a hobby to me and like a hobby once you perfected it, these is always a New 1st. time to happen every year and learnt...    I've dealt with bridges that almost didn't seem there was a solution & found 1, many times!  I've assisted buyers and sellers with VA, FHA, 1st time buyer loans to close a transaction by even going to a property to paint window trim that had pealing paint with a VA loan. There is no obstacle can't be overcome, my clients a well informed with the available option's of how to proceed through a transaction with a clear understanding & a stress free process! If you are considering buying or selling a home and would just like preliminary information on the process, I'm here to assist you... Let your journey begin with Humboldt North Star Real Estate!
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