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(Dinky) Diana Smith
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My name is Dinky Smith and like you, I serve our community but slightly different. It has been an honor to help buyers and sellers for over 20 years in our community. My sales have covered every corner of the state from homes to land and the real estate industry has never been boring with the cyclical waves of the market for all these years. I believe in making a difference wherever I go and believe in our neighbors with a good heart. Everyone needs an honest representative in their corner during such an important transaction. I want to be that person t make a difference. This sounds like a sales pitch but it is not because it is real. As wife to a retired SMGT, it has allowed me to better understand our military homeowners. It would be an honor to serve our local first respnders with their real estate needs. There has always been a deep respect for law enforcement but it became greater after a loss. In 2011, tragedy struck my world and changed everything in it. My youngest daughter was killed by a drunk driver on my birthday. She was a single mom to a young girl who had already lost her dad when she only eight years old and then her mom at the age of twelve. Our lives spiraled to depths very foreign to me, her child and our entire family. My mental health took a nose dive for almost seven years, then I researched mental health and began to heal. One of the ways to give back is by serving those in need of grief journey navigation and mental health support. Future goals include local youth mental health workshops and grief retreats and real estate funds will help to fund my efforts to help others. Like you, I serve but in different ways. A great community needs positive support with those that care deeply to make a difference.