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I am a real estate agent in the Allegheny County, Pennsylvania area of Pittsburgh, the largest city in the area of Allegheny County. I've been in real estate since 2016 and got my license in 2019. Before that, I had been in the parquet industry for 10 years, and before I even knew what real estate was, I had a different life, in high-tech in marketing and sales, for about 10 years. I have a business administration degree from the University of Derby. For 4 years, I was helping investors who were harmed by companies that sold real estate and managed their property. I helped them liquidate or make their assets generate income. This is where my learning process began for the real estate investment world, not optimism and success. On the contrary, many failures and possible mistakes can be made. The real estate transaction can be very complex, emotional and involves a lot of money. My goal is to make the process as pleasant and easy as possible. Yaron Josh Feldberg     REALTOR® License #: RS347852 See My Buyer guild  See My Seller guild