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Caryn Hesse
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I work at Brick and Mortor Realty in Amherst, MA, and serve all the towns of the Pioneer Valley from Greenfield to Westfield or Belchertown on both sides of the river. Warm, knowledgeable, trustworthy, with a great sense of humor. I’m passionate about design and gardening (and know a few things about construction, too). I will help save you time and energy during the house-buying or selling process. Buying or selling a house can be one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. Having worked in nursing, high school teaching, and special education, I am expert at dealing with high-stress situations and will put you at ease. Thanks to lots of experience with children and families, I can help identify the perfect layout for a family’s unique needs. Originally a New Yorker, I came to the Valley in 2007 with my husband to open an integrative medical practice in Hadley. I have spent the past 40 years in the fields of teaching, nursing, theater directing, and school administration. Realizing that I could never “retire”, as I love to work too much, I began to make plans for my later life that would keep me in touch and busy helping people. I have always been interested in houses, design, and public planning. My college years of traveling from one archeological dig to another worldwide morphed into an interest in architecture and interior design. I love to build and renovate. Becoming a realtor had been running around in my brain for a long while and I found it was the obvious next step. I am known to be an excellent communicator, who will research and keep her clients well informed. I am professional but with a disarming sense of humor that immediately makes you feel right at home. I value honesty above all else and strive to save you time, energy, and particularly, stress. My previous professional experience has made me an expert in dealing with stressful situations and I will put you at ease. Thanks to lots of experience with children and families, I can help to identify the perfect layout for each family’s unique needs. I am very familiar with the Pioneer Valley. After watching my six children walk into their adulthood, I have found that I have a really soft spot for helping first-time home buyers navigate the complexities of such a huge life change. When I am not working, I spend my time gardening, making eco-dyed silk clothing, renovating, and writing children’s books. I also help my husband and daughter in their luxury handmade wool rug business The Ram and the Worm.