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Lyubov Kigelman
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Lyubov brings experience, drive, and tax expertise to the Real Estate Management Team of the Blue Spruce Group LLC brokerage. She specializes in short or long-term investment strategies that lay a solid foundation for her clients’ financial security and strengthen their portfolio. With over a decade of tax accounting experience behind her and investing in several successful flips, Lyubov is uniquely qualified to evaluate the viability of fix and flip scenarios and rental property purchases to minimize tax liability, avoid capital gains, and establish an income stream in retirement.   Lyubov is also a licensed Mortgage Loan Originator with Real Estate Capital LLC. First-time buyers look to her for help navigating the complexities of purchasing a home. From understanding the terminology to finding the best home for their situation, and qualifying for a mortgage. Self-employed buyers appreciate her careful and thorough preparation of the all-important financial statement. Lyubov is passionate about the power of real estate to contribute to a person’s financial security. She believes in the value of accruing long-term equity and tirelessly works to help her clients achieve their financial goals.