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Sean Smith
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Sean Patrick Kelly Smith Father - Writer - Adventurer - Realtor Thank you for taking the time to learn about Sean Smith. Born in 1980, Sean is on the cusp of the Generation X / Millennial moniker. While he grew up playing outside and getting dirty the digital world evolved around him. He is as savvy climbing trees and hiking as he is fiddling with electronic devices. A classically trained creative writer, Mr. Smith spends his days wandering around looking at the world and how it works. He loves to drive around with his wife and three children exploring new neighborhoods and roads. He feels that there is nothing else like going down a new road for the first time. He loves a good adventure, especially if a nice warm fire is part of the destination. When you meet with Mr. Smith to express your wants, needs and desires, do not be afraid of the scratching sound of pen on paper. That is your proof positive that he is already working for you. Being a creative writer, Sean is highly capable to communicate with all types of people. From college professors to school age children, he can find a way of making sure that everyone is on the same page. Negotiations can be much smoother when everyone understands each other.